Splendont (Mirror Mirror)

Splendont is a rival and archenemy of Splendid in Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad, who first appeared in Mirror, Mirror. He is almost exactly identical to Splendid, though his colouring is the exact opposite to Splendid's. He could be based on Superman's evil counterpart, Bizarro. While Splendid is blue with teal patagiums, a torquoise oval marking on his tummy and wears a red mask, Splendont is red with maroon patagiums, a pink oval marking on his tummy and wears a blue mask. He was originally also a hero, but he got caught up in the fight with Splendid and killed several Generic Tree Friends and a blue whale.

He is first seen trapped in a mirror floating around space. The mirror was shattered by a rock that shot out into outer space from a volcano Splendid tried to plug up. He then flew to Earth and started taking over Spendid's job of saving people, doing so far more competently. Splendid greeted him and proposed a partnership, but Splendont refused. The fact that he tries steal Splendid's place annoys him and soon, the two get into a fight. They fly through a house and a hospital and use whales as weapons. In the end, Splendont traps Splendid under the moon, but the Supremely Sensational Stupendously Spectacular Super Squad (the S.S.S.S.S.S for short) shows up to help Splendid.

Splendont is a member of Splendid's species. He will likely return in future Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad episodes, though he might not be the only villain.