Splatter and Dodge (collectively referred to by Diesel 10 as "Splodge") were Diesel 10's bumbling sidekicks and the secondary antagonists of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad".

Splatter and Dodge are voiced by Neil Crone (who also voiced Diesel 10) and Kevin Frank respectively.


Splatter and Dodge are two diesel shunters who, at one point, worked alongside Diesel 10. Diesel 10 referred to the two as "Splodge", claiming he did not have time to say both names. Diesel 10 wanted to rid the railway of steam engines, and they were complacent with his plans, regularly keeping a lookout for their boss and being present when he was scheming.

They first appeared when they meet up with Diesel 10 at his self-portrait where he told them his plan to destroy Lady and they report that Mr. Conductor is coming to Sodor, so Diesel 10 decides to destroy him too, only to humiliate himself in from of Splatter and Dodge when his claw whacks him on the nose which makes them laughing at him. They were spying on the engines, laughing at them as they talk about finding Lady before Diesel 10 does and after they laughed at Thomas, Harold flies by, spreading sneezing powder, over all them including Thomas.

At the coaling plant, Splatter and Dodge ask crossly at Diesel 10 how come he let Mr. Conductor escape, he replies that he just did it on purpose and was testing to see if he could escape. Splatter and Dodge do not believe him and Diesel 10 decides to attempt to teach them "how to stop being stupid", but knocks coal all over him, which result James, Gordon and Henry laughing at him while the two bumbling diesels groaned ashamed. They later found the magic buffers but are too scared to go through them and after an owl hooted, they decided to tell Diesel 10 tomorrow, unaware that Percy saw them and went back to warn Thomas about it.

The two eventually grew tired of Diesel 10 and when he tried to chase down Lady and Thomas, they refused to follow him. What happened to them after that is unknown. Although it can be assumed they returned to the mainland.