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Splashmon is one of the main antagonists in the second season of the anime, Digimon Fusion. He's one of the Dark Generals and also known as the Water-Tiger.


Splashmon is an Unknown Level Digimon. He resembles an dull indigo-haired humanoid tiger creature in a grey-silver body suit. His true form is a monstrous giant tiger entirely made of water.

As Splashmon Darkness Mode

In his Darkness Mode form, he has two forms. In his first form, Splashmon becomes a more muscluar version of himself. In his second form, he becomes a giant tiger with blue stripes, white skin, two creepy eyes, and yellow teeth and claws, which is the true form of Splashmon.

Digimon Fusion


Splashmon with a Dripmon

After Lord Bagra (the main antagonist) finished the Code Crown, he recreated the Digital world into the 7 Satellite kingdoms. Doing so he also created the Death Generals. One of them was Splashmon. He's became the ruler of Cyber land with AxeKnightmon as his Master. He was destroyed by Shoutmon DX. Splashmon reappeared (in his Darkness Mode) along with the other Death Generals as soulless Digimon, and all combined together to form the ultimate Death General, GrandGeneramon.

Minions of Splashmon

Note; all of Splashmon's minions are Drippins in alternate forms.

Splashmon and his Darkness Mode form


  • Poisonous Force
  • Hydro Pressure
  • Bead-drown

As Splashmon Darkness mode

  • Tiger Typhoon


  • Splashmon is the only Death General that remains in his Darkness Mode when they were revived

Splashmon's Other Forms

  • Splashmon
  • Splashmon Darkness Mode
  • Splashmon True Darkness Mode (Tiger Mode)
  • GrandGeneramon
  • GrandGeneramon (Incomplete)

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