Spitz is an antagonist in the 2009 stop-motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox. He is a rabid beagle held captive at the Bean Annex and is one of Bean's guard dogs.

Role in Fantastic Mr. Fox

In the film, Spitz is first mentioned by Mr. Fox when he is telling Kylie about the plan to break into Boggis' chicken house. Spitz makes his first actual appearance when Mr. Fox, Kylie and Ash are at the Bean Annex to free Kristofferson. As they go to they go to retrieve Kristofferson, they see Spitz watching them. Kylie asks whats the white foam around Spitz's mouth and Mr. Fox tells him that Spitz is rabid.

Mr. Fox tells two to go retrieve Kristofferson while he distracts Spitz. As Kylie and Ash go to retrieve Kristofferson, Mr. Fox grabs a red dog toy and walks up to Spitz and Spitz starts to growl at him. Spitz eventually gets angry and his eyes turn red as he proceeds to bark and chase Mr. Fox until Mr Fox climbs up a wall to get away from the rabid beagle. Spitz is seen later when Ash uses the whackbat to break the lock on the door and Spitz runs out and chases Bean and rips Bean's tie off and shreds it with his teeth. Spitz then chases Bean until Bean climbs up onto a metal roof while Spitz is down below barking and jumping.



  • Spitz is a lot similar to Cujo since they are both non-speaking rabid dogs.