Spitz is a major antagonist in Jack London's 1903 short adventure novel The Call of the Wild, and the 1997 film Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon. He is a husky and Buck’s archrival and the original leader of Francois’s dog team. He is also the dangerous dog who kills Curly, Buck's friend and companion on the arduous boat trip to the North.

He was portrayed by Kino in Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon.


Going to the Yukon

Spitz first was introducted in ship along with other sled dog Dave.

Enemy with Buck

After watching how Curly died from huskies attack, Spitz laughed at her fate and from that minute on, he became Buck's archnemesis because Buck hated the fact that he laughed at his friend's death.


When Spitz causes the chase of the rabbit to come to a halt, and the rabbit is ripped apart and eaten, Buck (who led the chase) knows that it is time for the final battle for mastery with Spitz. At first Buck is severely wounded and bleeding from many cuts all over his body, while Spitz is untouched. The fight gets desperate. But Buck eventually breaks Spitz's two fore legs and Spitz is left helpless, trying to drive away impending death by snarling and bristling. But Buck injures him even more, leaving the remainder of poor Spitz to be torn apart by the other dogs who watched and waited all around them. That is the last Buck saw of Spitz. He vanishes from sight under the mass of sled-dogs. Buck rejoices over his victory and claims leadership the following day. He is then mauled to death by the sled-dogs. After Spitz's demise, Sol-leks becomes the new leader of the sled dogs.


Spitz is shown to be a very manipulative, jealous, heartless, crafty, scheming, and callous dog who terrorizes his fellow pack members. His hatred for Buck is made out of pure jealousy. He is very cruel and pugilistic (meaning he’ll start a fight with anyone if they so much as accidentally breathe on him).





  • His name is also given to the rabid beagle from the 2009 film Fantastic Mr. Fox.