The Spiteful Brake Van was a villain in Thomas & Friends. Being fuelled by a personal dislike of Douglas, this brake van deliberately tried to delay the engine's work and would also attempt similar acts when he was paired with James.


Although the Spiteful Brake Van may seem rather tame to a more mature audience the reason he counts as a villain isn't just his extreme stubbornness but the fact that he was willingly causing the engines to delay their work, which would result in unfair punishment by the Fat Controller (for poor Douglas it may even have resulted in him being sent away as he was still a new engine at the time).

Douglas' twin brother, Donald was angry at the Spiteful Brake Van and bumped him violently to teach him a lesson, although it didn't last long because Donald ran into the Tidmouth signalbox, damaging his tender and because of the accident, James was saddled with the brake van, who continued his old tricks. The Spiteful Brake Van soon got his comeuppance when James needed help up a hill. Douglas pushed the train from the back directly behind the Spiteful Brake Van. However as the train got heavier, the van got jammed between Douglas and the rest of the trucks. As a result, Douglas unintentionally smashed the Spiteful Brake Van to pieces. After the mess was cleaned up, the Spiteful Brake Van was never put back together and was left to rot in the scrapyards forever.


Like the troublesome trucks, and as his name implies, the Spiteful Brake Van was rude and disrespectful to the engines, especially Donald and Douglas, and incredibly impolite.



  • He is the only Thomas & Friends villain to have been confirmed as being deceased.