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Spiny card

Spiny's Card

Spiny is a Spinosaurus in the Dinosaur King Anime! His attribute is Water! He is agile, athletic, skillful, acrobatic, and a perfect match for Ace, the D-Team's Carnotaurus. He is mostly used by either Laura, Rod, or Zander. He is rivals with the D-Team's Parasaurolophus, Paris.

Move Cards

Cancel your opponent's Move Card and attack at the same time. It is first seen in Tanks a Lot!, used against Paris.
Tail Smash
Smack your opponent with your tail twice, then throw them back with a final swing. However, agile dinosaurs can dodge it, as Ace did in Field of Screams.
Water Sword
Use a giant sword of water to attack your opponent. Spiny used it but it was countered by Jobaria's Shockwave.
Futaba Super Cannon
Futabasaurus hits your opponent with a high-powered blast of water. This Move was first used to fight of the D-Team, but Futaba turned on the Alpha Gang. Later, Ursula used it to fight Jobaria and Ophthalmosaurus.
Ultimate Water
Spiny charges at the opponent after being launched by a wave. Spiny first used it against Jobaria.
Anhanguera Dive
An Anhanguera dives at at your opponent. This was only used to save the D-Team after falling of a bridge and to chase Foolscap away.
Hydro Cutter
A beam of water slices through your opponent. This was obtained after Genie]' defeat, and only used as part of the Fusion Move to attack the Dark Pterosaur.

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