Spinlyn (Chima Animated)
Spinlyn is Queen of the Spider Tribe and one Crawlers' leader in the Legends of Chima. Crawlers were born the effect of CHI whose Laval was thrown the Gorge of Eternal Depth, and then the Crawlers started to steal the all CHI to conquer the all Chima. Spinlyn is true vain, crooked, ruthless and great trap master and she think about her own beauty. Later Scorm's, Braptor's and Spinlyn's Forces started to unite and destroy Laval, Cragger and their friends, but when Scorpion Cave was collapsing 8 heroes managed the escape but the part of the Crawlers received killed, but Spinlyn is one weathered. Later Sir Fangar and Ice Hunters froze Spinlyn and other survived the Crawlers, but later Flinx melted them the ice in the Ice Fortress. Later Flinx melted Sir Fangar's trophy room's floor and Crawlers fall and not known what happen the Crawlers, but Spinlyn rescue some of them.