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Hair Color:
Reddish Pink
Known Relations:
Killer Klown
Making Real-life Balloon Pooches, Puppetry
Killing Humans
Kill the humans and suck out their blood
Type of Villain
Evil Clown

Spikey is a klown with spiked reddish-pink hair and has very squinted, small eyes. He has a slim long face and seems to resemble Beaker from The Muppets. He is the third Klown to appear on screen. He was first seen coming out of the circus-tent spaceship with Rudy, then made a balloon pooch to go hunt down Mike and Debbie to follow them, but he and Rudy were knocked down when Mike drove backwards with his car. Spikey was then entertaining a man with a puppet show. The show was that a male was wanting to kiss a female who didn't want him to, so she took out a gun and killed him. When the audience laughed, Spikey stood up and took out his cotton candy gun to trap the only audience inside cotton candy, then laughed evilly. Spikey was seen trying to catch Mike and Debbie and Officer Hansen when they infilitrated the Big Top, but was unsuccessful when he was blocked by a closed door. Spikey then came in trying to collect the three humans standing on a stack of blocks up until the Terenzi Brothers came in and petrified the Klowns with orders from the fake clown head of Jojo. Spikey was seen leaving when Klownzilla had come and looked twice to see that his real leader was arriving.


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