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Spike is the main antagonist of the video game, Jurassic: The Hunted. He is a Spinosaurus that wants to kill Dylan and friends.

Spike first appeared when he chased Sabrina into the rock pile. Dylan fought Spike while Sabrina had time to escape. After Spike was defeated, Dylan escaped while Spike was distracted by killing an approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Later on, Spike returns while Dylan, Sabrina, and the others were trying to return to their world. This time Spike was trying to destroy a fort and eat Dylan and his friends for his dinner. Dylan distracts Spike by shooting him several times and defeats him, allowing Dylan, Sabrina, and their friends to return to their own time. Dylan and Sabrina escape and returned to their world, only to be stranded on an island. All of a sudden, Dylan's friends arrived on a boat with Spike, who was presumably dead, but was still alive when he opened his eyes before the credits rolled.

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