Spike (X-Men III)

Spike (real name: Darian Elliot) is a minor, one-shot villain in the movie; X-Men III: The Last Stand. He's a mutant that serves as a member of both the Omega Gang, and the Brotherhood of Mutants as one of the campground's guards.


When Logan infiltrated Magneto's base of operation to find Jean, he comes across several guards. One of them was a mutant that could shoot spiked bones projectiles out of his wrist known as Spike. Spike managed to sneak attacked Logan by tossing one of his spikes onto Logan's shoulder. However, Logan managed to pull it out, heal his injury, and toss it into Spike's leg. Shortly after, Spike along with the other guards tried to fend off against Wolverine, but Wolverine managed to killed them all effortlessly. Spike ended up being the last of the guards standing. He processed to charge towards Logan while continuously shooting his spikes towards Logan, but Logan easily blocked them with his claws. Hoping he could finished Logan, Spike lunged into Logan with his boney spikes, while Logan was lunging into Spike. Spike was able to stab Wolverine with his spikes, but gets stabbed by Logan as well, killing him in the processed. And thanks to Wolverine's accelerated healing factor, Logan was able to heal from his injuries in a matter of seconds.

Powers and Abilities

Spike is a mutant with the ability to generate spiral spiked bones from his wrist. He can use them as either projectiles or as stabbing weapons. He also has fairly decent tracking skills and is a skilled marksman.