Spike was a villain in the episode "Norman's Conquest" of the cartoon series "Mighty Max".

Acting as Norman's archenemy, Spike was an insane warrior who killed Norman's father when the future Guardian was only a boy, ten thousand years ago - however Spike was trapped in ice following his encounter with the young Norman and vowed to return to finish business. Spike was so deranged that during his battle with Norman's father, he tripped over a log that the latter rolled toward him, landing on it face-first... only to laugh and plunge one of the broken sticks from it into his own nose to prove his toughness.

Sure enough ten thousand years later an archaeological dig awoke the brutal madman and he went on a violent rampage, seeking out Norman - who still felt deep shame over the death of his father and doubt over his own strength as Spike was more powerful. However, with help from Max and Virgil, Norman picked up the courage to face Spike in combat.

Eventually, Norman would wield his father's ancient war-axe and overpowered Spike, tossing him off a cliff once more and seemingly killing him for good - though nothing can be said for certain as Spike was almost as hard to kill as Norman himself.