Spider Drones


Spiderbots are machines that appear in the 2009 film 9. The Fabrication Machine createsthem to act as guards of the Factory.


They have fangs like spiders and metal bodies with red eyes. They make squeaks and the machine makes many to run around the factory. Some also climb on the walls.


When 9 sneaks into the factory, one scuttles by 9 crawls through a pipe and hides as another spiderbot goes past a hole. Then as he and 7 to escape hundreds are sent by the machine to get them, one screeches on top of a rock and they all go over rocks and a few over 8's corpse after his soul was taken.

They chase them up the tunnel and are hit by a barrel filled with an explosive substance, and it is presumed they all blew up in the explosion.



  • The spiderbots have four eyes, one big one and three small. Real spiders have eight.
  • The machine appears to have made about 600 of them.
  • They are about the size of tarantulas.