LIS Spider Smith

Spider Smith

Spider Smith is the other main villain of the 1998 sci-fi thriller movie Lost In Space.

He was portrayed by Gary Oldman. 

When Dr. Smith is bitten and attacked by spiderlike creatures, he mutates into Spider Smith and kills everyone except for Future Will Robinson as he finds him useful. Through the years he helps Future Will Robinson build and create a time portal. Spider Smith attempts to kill Dr. Smith but merely knocks him unconcious. Then he imprisons Professor John Robinson and continues helping Future Will Robinson.

Future Will Robinson asks Spider Smith what happened to everyone else and Smith refuses to talk about then Future Will realizes that Smith actually killed everyone except for him because Smith needs him to build and finish the time portal. Future Will also finds out that once he completes the time portal, Spider Smith plans to kill him as well and go through the time portal to release a legion of spiders on the earth and rule it. Smith then attempts to kill Future Will but is saved by his dad, who fights Smith and cuts open his egg sack, which frees the infant spider spiders, who attack Smith. Then John pushes Spider Smith into the time portal and he's torn apart and destroyed.