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The loathsome Spiderdemon that masterminded the invasion of the moon bases and caused so much death has had its ass kicked for all time.
~ Epilogue in Ultimate Doom

The Spider Mastermind is one of the main antagonists in the Doom video game series.



In the first game, the Spider Mastermind is referred to as the Spiderdemon. It is the final boss. The player encounters the Spiderdemon only at the final level. According to the game's epilogue, the Spiderdemon masterminded a demonic invasion of a moon base on the Phobos moon. It was responsible for the deaths of many scientists.

Doom II

In the second game, the character's name is changed to the Spider Mastermind. It appears as a common enemy instead of a boss. Instead, the Spider Mastermind fights alongside other enemies. It's appearance and behavior are the same from the first game.

Final Doom

In the third game, the Spider Mastermind appears more often. The Spider Mastermind is weaker than some foes but it can still be a challenge.


The huge chain gun on the Spider Mastermind's base fires three bullets with every shot. The bullets move at a rapid rate of 467 shots per minute. When the Spider Mastermind begins to fire, it won't stop until it's target escapes or dies.


The Spider Mastermind appears as a large brain with many other physical attributes. It has red eyes and a big mouth with fangs. Four large, mechanical legs are connected to a base on the body. Two small arms are also connected to the base. A chain gun is located directly in the base's center. When the Spider Mastermind dies, it's brain explodes into chunks of flesh and it's mechanical legs tip over.



  • In Final Doom, there is a level where the Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon can fight each other. The latter is most likely to win unless the player intervenes.
  • Real spiders have six legs whereas the Spider Mastermind has four legs.
  • Whenever the Spider Mastermind moves, it's legs produce a metallic sound.
  • The Spider Mastermind's chain gun has an effect that sounds similar to a noise of a real chain gun.d