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Spider Kikkaijin BS Kaijin
Spider Kikkaijin (クモ奇械人 Kumo Kikkaijin?, 12): A spider monster and one of Black Satan's strongest Kikkaijin. He is the son of a man derangedly protesting for the world to acknowledge the existence of Black Satan. After having his powers tested by Titan in a duel, he is assigned to secure the ship-transport of poisoned food supplies that will be exported outside Japan. Not only would it kill millions, but would justify action for Japan to be invaded. He has a poisonous needle appendage in his mouth. He can also throw web from his hands and mouth that is fire resistant and be used to form a shield. Destroyed by a combination of Stronger's Electro Fire and Stronger's Stronger Electro Kick.

Behind the scenes

Spider Kikkaijin was voiced by Mahito Tsujimura (辻村 真人 Tsujimura Mahito?).

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