Template:InfoboxThe Spider faerie is one of the many minions of Torok the Troll that he summons using the corpse of Peter Dickinson. The spider faerie looks like a little muscular baby-like creature with long green spider legs and he weilds a wooden club.

The Spider faerie was origanlly friends with the great wizard Torok (before he became a Troll) back in the faerie world. During the battle of humans and faeries, the spider faerie claimed many human victims, before getting killed himself. He was bought back to life in 1986 many many years later by Torok the Troll using his magic ring.

The Spider faerie enjoys singing and crafting weapons out of parts of trees he finds in the forest, he also has a baby which looks like a smaller version of himself that follows him around. He really hates the sound of a horn instrument and will hide in fear if he hears it which is his only weakness that humans and wizards use against him. 


  • Troll (1986)