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Spider Bytez is a villain appearing in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series.
Spider Bytez
He was a middle-age human named Vic, who took a video of the Turtles with his phone. He got captured by The Kraang, and he tried to sell the video to them. When the Turtles came to rescue him, The Kraang accidently shot a canister of Mutagen, which mutated him into a spider-like being that Michelangelo dubbed "Spider Bytez" (the mutation was contributed to a spider climbing onto Vic's phone). He blamed the Turtl
Meet Vic


es for his mutation. After a fight with them in which they broke his phone, Spider Bytez vowed revenge and fled. In his appearances, he always called the Turtles "Kung Fu Frogs."

Raphael are become angry for a reason of his insults.