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Spider (Gran Torino)


Spider (real name: Fong), is the main antagonist of the 2008 film, Gran Torino.  

He is portrayed by Doua Moua.


Spider is a gang leader and cousin of the Hmong Vang Lor family who live next door to Walt Kowalski. As a way of getting the son in the family, Thao, to join their gang, they get him to steal Walt's Ford Gran Torino. When he fails, they attack him, but Walt confronts them with an M1 Garand rifle and chases them off, earning the respect of the Hmong community.

Spider and his gang continue to pressure Thao, assaulting him on his way home from work by burning a cigarette against his cheek. After Walt sees Thao's injuries, he visits the gang's house, where he attacks and beats Spider's right-hand man, Smokey, as a warning. In retaliation, the gang performs a drive-by shooting on the Vang Lor home, injuring Thao even though Walt attempts to defend the family with an M1911 pistol, and kidnapping and raping Sue. There are no witnesses and the members of the community, including the victims, refuse to talk about the crimes; preventing police from doing anything about Spider's gang.

The next night, Walt goes to the house of the gang members, where they draw their weapons on him. He speaks loudly, berating them and enumerating their crimes and thus drawing the attention of the neighbors. Putting a cigarette in his mouth, he asks for a light; he then puts his hand in his jacket and provocatively pulls it out as if he were holding a gun, inciting the gang members to shoot and kill him. As he falls to the ground, his hand opens to reveal the Zippo lighter with First Cavalry insignia he has used throughout the film: he was unarmed. Sue, following Walt's directions earlier, frees Thao, and they drive to the scene in Walt's Gran Torino. A Hmong police officer tells them the gang members have been arrested for murder and the surrounding neighbors have all come forward as witnesses, so they'll be in jail for the rest of their lives.