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Spider(Earth-15) is a marvel Supervillian,Mass Murderer he was formely known as Spider-man,but he merged with the Carnage Symbiote and have a sense of humor similar to Deadpool's


He followed the same path as the main Spider-man,when was tricked by Camaleon when he uses Peter's robots to track him and kill him,and in moment of desperation,he accepted the Carnage symbiote and permanently bonded with it

Personality and Appereance

having the Carnage symbiote,Peter Parker became insane,sadistic and his joker attitude turned into a deadpool-like sense of humor and he loves killing people

he appears as a complete red suit spider-man,and isn't monstrous as Kletus Kasady, minus the web lines and having small black vein-like lines on his body, a small black spider on his chest and two gaps between his mouth

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