So you will feel my PAIN?
~ Spider

Spider is the main antagonist in the Discworld book The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents.


Spider is a Rat King. He was bred for sport. He is a very barbaric, cruel leader who seeks to get vengenace on humanity.

He is heard throughout the novel, having a telepathic communication with rats and ultimately with Maurice, but then at the end he is seen in his evil lair. Under the town of Bad Blintz it is all dark and eerie, and then the rats hear Spider's voice, mocking them and saying that their bravest members are too afraid to talk to him.

Spider explains his goal, to create an uncontrollable, deliberate rat plague, rats ruling the world. He will kill all humans and start rat life again the way it was meant to be.

The other rats in Maurice's band doubt Spider's intentions, saying he is just evil. Spider demands they kneel, but many of them refuse. Then Maurice sees Spider for what he really is, a knotted, twisted mound of rats, writhing together with their tails knotted. Maurice attacks, his ferality taking over, and bites through their tails, seperating the rats, and ending their hive mind. He chases all the rats and kills them all.