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Spider-Type Roidmudes are one of the three Low-Class Roidmude Combatmen Types.

They are part of a race of 108 artificial life forms created by Tenjuro Banno as unique androids that were capable of 'evolving' to become more like humans. The Roidmudes killed both Banno and Krim, and unleashed the Global Freeze upon the world. The Roidmudes would've taken over the world already, if not for the mysterious warrior known as Protodrive. After the fight, the Roidmudes continued to spread havoc throughout the world.

Roidmude Numbers and Evolutions

  • Roidmude 002/Heart Roidmude
  • Roidmude 004/Unknown
  • Roidmude 008/Tornado Roidmude
  • Roidmude 010/Paint Roidmude
  • Roidmude 012
  • Roidmude 015
  • Roidmude 018
  • Roidmude 024/Volt Roidmude
  • Roidmude 027/Imitation Drive
  • Roidmude 030/Voice Roidmude
  • Roidmude 032
  • Roidmude 036
  • Roidmude 039
  • Roidmude 042
  • Roidmude 044
  • Roidmude 046
  • Roidmude 047
  • Roidmude 050/Seeker Roidmude
  • Roidmude 054
  • Roidmude 056
  • Roidmude 060
  • Roidmude 064
  • Roidmude 073
  • Roidmude 075
  • Roidmude 078
  • Roidmude 079
  • Roidmude 084
  • Roidmude 089/Shocker Buruburu
  • Roidmude 093/Unknown
  • Roidmude 102/Unknown
  • Roidmude 108/Paradox Roidmude


Roidmude Human Gallery

Roidmude Evolution Gallery

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