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Spider (Dot)
~ first line when coming closer to Dot.

The Spider is the last supporting villain in the 1985 or 1986 live action/animated Australian movie, Dot and Keeto. The spider tries to eat the insect sized Dot and Keeto the mosquito who are caught in its web, until the insect sized red kangaroo comes to rescue the two trapped characters, after pushing the spider out of the way by sending it in a literal spin, Dot and the red Kangaroo ate some of the magic green root and became big again, leaving the spider, who recovered from spinning, to be hungrier than before because Dot and Keeto escaped with the red kangaroo.


Despite being voiced by Keith Scott (who also did other male characters in Dot and Keeto, including the supporting title character, Keeto), the spider's gender is never mention through third person talk by any character.

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