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Spice batman

Spice is one of the two tertiary antagonists of the movie Batman Forever, and one of Two-Face's love interests (and eventually the Riddler's minion), the other being Sugar.

She is played by Debi Mazar.


Spice likes to stay on Two-Face's sinister side. She has a cruel nature and her personality is the exact opposite of Sugar.

However, she likes Two-Face very much and Two-Face loves her too. Early on, she made Two-Face very happy by cooking him his favorite food ' a charred heart of black boar, a side of raw donkey meat, and a sterno and grain alcohol'. He even prefers Spice over Sugar and the two even shared a kiss in one scene. She also likes the Riddler and found his plans very interesting. He offered him major help as his Princess of Puzzles at the end of the film. Spice is a beautiful woman and as opposed to Sugar who prefers frills and feathers, she likes to wear black leather, tattoos, fishnet stocking, and a whip.


When the Riddler came to them for help to defeat Batman, he demonstrated his "Box" for Two-Face on Sugar and Spice. Later, Sugar and Spice abandoned the Riddler and Two-Face and escaped Gotham to avoid capture. 


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