Sphinx Phantoms
Sphinx is a Phantom born from a man called Kusuda, when he gave up in despair.

His Gate target is Masafumi Saionji, who has hit a writer's block and must seek out a woman he once met years ago, which later revealed she was Koyomi. Sphinx can breathes flames from his mouth and can manipulate flames. He also armed with a baton to attacks enemies.

He first meets Saionji but halted by Wizard Hurricane Dragon. Sphinx later retreat, after overpowered by Wizard Water Dragon. However, he picked up Saionji's ring that was given by the woman he was searched. He later calls Saionji for destroying the ring in front of Saionji. Though, Haruto already put on Garuda on watching Saionji, thus saving the ring from Sphinx. Sphinx then fights Wizard Flame Dragon with the Ghouls. Though the Ghouls soon destroyed with Dragon Fourmation. Sphinx then leaves the Ghouls to be destroyed with Wizard Infinity Style.

Later, when Saionji and Koyomi go to the lake where they had met before, Sphinx destroys Saionji's ring and riven him to despair. Fortunately, Haruto and Kosuke arrive at nick of time. While Haruto take cares Saionji's Phantom, Kosuke will fights Sphinx. Though Sphinx and Beast using Falco Mantle are equally strong, Sphinx is ultimately destroyed by Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage. At the same time, Wizard All Dragon Style manages to destroy Gigantes Phantom.


  • Gate: Kusuda
  • Episodes: 42-43
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage
  • Mythological Basis: The Sphinx
  • Height: 244 cm
  • Weight: 172 kg


  • Sphinx's costume is modified from Weretiger's costume.