Spencer Shrewdpaws

Spencer Shrewdpaws

"I am warning you, Willie, I am a rich and powerful mouse! If you don't help me, I promise you will be ONE SORRY RODENT!"

Spencer Shrewdpaws is the main villain of Geronimo Stilton: The Way of the Samurai.


When Geronimo Stilton and his friends Wild Willie, Chop Chop, and Lotus Snout go to Japan to save an ancient scroll, they come across Spencer Shrewdpaws, a rich and arrogant mouse who always gets his way. Like Wild Willie, Shrewdpaws was a student of the great karate teacher Noblemouse, but has ignored his wisdom for his own selfish needs. He grows a strong dislike for Geronimo after our hero eats wasabi and flames come out of his mouth, setting Shrewdpaws' toupee on fire. Shrewdpaws forces Wild Willie to let him have the scroll, but Wild Willie refuses. Geronimo and his friends go through a handful to find the scroll and learn that it shows the major pressure points on the body. The team are ambushed by Shrewdpaws and his band of ninja warriors. Remembering the parchment, they, with the villagers and Noblemouse, manage to take down the ninja, who are tied up and taken away. Furious that his plans had failed, Shrewdpaws throws a huge tantrum. Wild Willie convinces him that the scroll belongs to everyone, and it is unclear whether Shrewdpaws changes his ways or is arrested.