Of course ! I'm faster and finer than all engine on Sodor.
~ Spencer, Edward the Great, season 8

Spencer is an arrogant and presumptuous LNER A4 Pacific steam locomotive under private ownership of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford. He is the brother of Mallard, the cousin of Gordon, Flying Scotsman, Green Arrow, Flying Thistle, Ryan and the other 78 LNER A1-A3 of Gordon's siblings cousins.


Spencer is very calculating, manipulative, egocentric, conniving, arrogant, and pompous, so he considers himself to be above doing menial duties such as shunting. None of the engines like him, especially Thomas and Gordon. When he came to build the summer house, Spencer proved himself to be very noisy, rude, cruel, sneaky, baleful, impolite, obnoxious, persuasive, disobedient, obstreperous, inattentive, and rather neglectful. Despite being closely related, Gordon and Spencer have never gotten on very well with each other. This is mainly because of his pompous behavior, which exceeds even that of Gordon's. Despite this, he has shown a kind side when he realized his mistakes and also enough a coward.

Act as Antagonist

Television series

  • In Edward the Great, he challenge Edward when he takes the Duke and Duchess to their summer house. At first time, he success to lead him and calling him "slow". When the Duke and Duchess take a photograph, Spencer decide to take sleep and thinking that there is no worry about Edward due he feel that he already win. Edward, however, passes him and gets onto the summerhouse branch line and beats Spencer, who naturally is very embarrassed by his loss.
  • In Dream On, to the dismay of the other engines, Spencer is visiting the Island of Sodor. Upon steaming brashly into the yard, Spencer infuriates Thomas by ordering the tank engine to shunt his coaches. Thomas is cross and determines to show that he is better than Spencer. All of Thomas' attempts to outdo Spencer fail, but when the Duke of Boxford urgently needs to return to the mainland and Spencer's fire is slow to start, Thomas gets the job of pulling the Duke to the airport.
  • In The Beast of Sodor, Gordon tease him that he is scared with a snow after he get shock with a icicle fall into him at the shed, but Spencer insists that he once saved the Duke of Boxford from the abominable snowman, which make the other engine laugh at him except Henry, who is scarred with his story. When he help Henry, he scare him with a story about the abominable snowman causing Henry get scarred whenever he see something snowy come at them. When Henry finish his job, He wanted to back the shed to warm up. However, they are stopped when they sees a walking, groaning snowman stumbling towards him. Both of Henry and Spencer terrified, and Spencer race to backwards but doesn't get very far before his valve bursts. Knowing that he can't leave Spencer alone, Henry find his courage and blow his whistle which make the scary snowman fall and its reveal its not a abominable snowman but Sir Topham Hatt who covered with a snow.

Hero of the Rails

Spencer is the (former) main antagonist in this special. When he take Duke and Duchess, he move very quickly which make the other Steam Team annoyed with him. Needless to say, nobody is pleased with the news, especially when Spencer rushes around with his work, teasing the other engines. That night, all of the engines are tired and cross because they had all been teased by Spencer. Next morning at Brendam Dock, Spencer teases Thomas about his strength and his size.Thomas has had enough and the other engines agree with him. Spencer then challenges Thomas to a race to take place at dawn the next day. All of the engines gather in the yard to wish Thomas good luck. Thomas and Spencer are coupled to their loads and Edward announces the start of the race.

He begins suspicious with the Steam Team and curious what they do in the Siding. The Steam team aware this, and begin to do something to blocked his way so he will not see Hiro. When Percy success to give a final parts for Hiro, Spencer come at them and Thomas along with Percy decide to quickly escape with Hiro. Hiro speeds past him and Spencer is very surprised, having seen Hiro for the first time. As Hiro struggles on, parts begin to fall off of him. He cries out for Thomas to help, who can only beg him to keep going. Eventually, Hiro knows he cannot go on and comes to a stop. Spencer can hardly contain himself. Luckily, Gordon quickly come at them and challenge Spencer to race, while Thomas find the other Siding for hide Hiro for temporary.

Gordon and Spencer race to the station, which make him exhausted due already running around all day. The Duke and Duchess scold at him due being disobeying, and Thomas promising at them that he will help him to finish their summer house which make them pleased, but its make Spencer pride shattered. He then got stuck in the mud when he chased Thomas to Knapford. After being rescued by Hiro, Spencer apologises to Thomas and Hiro and they all work to finish the summer house.

The Great Race

Spencer shown to be one of the contenders of The Great Competition, where he will race with Etienne from France, Axel from Belgium and his cousins, Flying Scotsman and Shooting-Stars/Gordon.He only as the minor character not the main villains or do some antagonistic thing in this special.But its shown when Gordon start to have problem with his safety valve and overheating, Spencer can see smirk or delight to see Gordon suffering on their race. In this competition, he almost winning on the first place but ended 2nd due loses from Etienne


  • Spencer is the first steam engine to be a main antagonist or villain in a Thomas and Friends special, the second being Vinnie.
  • In his The Great Race promotional video, it states he is the holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives. In the actual special, it's stated that he's a former world record holder.
    • In real-life and in The Railway Series, it is his brother Mallard that held this record.