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Spellbinder (The Batman)

Spellbinder in The Batman

Spellbinder was a villain in the TV series, The Batman.


Spellbinder is an experienced magician that had the ability to take over the minds with hypnosis of a person who looks at the clock when it strikes 9. He obtains control over Gotham City's Butlers to steal valuables from their employers. Spellbinder controlled Gotham's wealthy into given up their prized possessions.

When he attempted to steal a rare gem, Spellbinder was stopped by Batman. Despite a difficult battle against Spellbinder's tricks, Batman was able to block out the illusions. With a well placed punch, Batman finally defeated and knocked Spellbinder out.

Spellbinder was later captured by the infamous Rumor alongside other super-criminals of Gotham City and was planned to be executed. He was later freed by Batman and taken down by the same hero with the assistance of Robin.


  • The Butler Did It
  • Rumors

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