Ira Billings also known as the Spellbinder is an antagonist in DC Animated Universe. After feeling that he deserves more in life, he decides to use his skills for his evil purposes.


As a psychologist, Billings felt that he was unappreciated and underpaid. He later devised a plan to mind control wealthy students to steal valuables from their parents. Billings summoned Terry to talk to him about the radical changes but really wanted information on Bruce Wayne. Later, Terry was brainwashed by Billings under the guise of Spellbinder as the media dubs him as to steal Bruce's valuables. He was eventually snapped and chased Spellbinder. With the help of Bruce, Terry defeated and unmasked Spellbinder who was later arrested.

Months later, he created VR rooms and offered runaway teens under the condition that they work for him. Addicted to the machine, they agree. Maxine who was investigating the disappearance of the same teens became addicted to the VR rooms after hooking her up to one. Terry followed a teen to the Spellbinder's hideout and was ambushed by Spellbinder. Billings tries to fry Batman's brains but Maxine electrocuted Spellbinder who was later arrested.

Spellbinder escaped prison again and tries to frame Batman for revenge of foiling his previous plans. During Batman's fight with Mad Stan, Spellbinder projected an illusion to Commissioner Barbara Gordon that Terry killed Mad Stan, making him a fugitive of the law and Mad Stan, a pawn in Spellbinder's plan. 

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