Speegspeel the butler

What's old Speegspeel got to deal with now? THE KITCHEN SLAVE IS IT?
~ Speegspeel

Speegspeel is a secondary antagonist in the eighth book of The Edge Chronicles. He is a goblin butler to Vox Verlix himself.


Speegspeel lived in the Palace of Statues and protected his master Vox from Orbix Xaxis and the other enemies of his master. He knew about all Vox's secret booby traps, Rook heard him singing "Keep to the black, not the white, if you want to keep your life" which was about keeping on the black tiles of the floor (the white tiles had saws and blades hanging above) but also could reflect Speegspeel's evil tendencies.

Speegspeel had a paranoia that the statues in the palace of Statues were haunted and were always watching him to kill him when he slipped up. He was Rook Barkwater's master when he was sold to Vox, and Speegspeel ordered Rook at his beck and call. Rook was made to do dangerous work, such as furnace-keeping and also to carry phraxdust, a time bomb waiting to go off, to the kitchen. This was made all the more dangerous because phraxdust explodes if it is in contact with sweat. Rook was very sweaty from working in the kitchen.

But Rook survived and he made it to Speegspeel, and the butler fed the "Baby" that Vox had made, the Baby was a wooden machine which acted as a trigger for Great Storms to be created. Through effort, Rook discovered that Speegspeel intended to set off the Great Storm on Vox's orders and kill everybody. Rook tried to stop Speegspeel, fighting him in the kitchen over the phraxdust, but when Rook ordered him to put down the phail, Speegspeel tried to kill Rook. Rook threw Vox Verlix's statue head over and it crushed Speegspeel in the chest. He died after muttering that the statues had finally got him.