But I have been waiting my entire death to cover a story like this. So much chaos makes for great headlines!
~ Spectra Vondergeist in "Fright On!"

Spectra Vondergeist is a former villainess turned anti-heroine in the Monster High franchise. She is the main antagonist for the Ghostly Gossip arc.

Initially a malicious gossip with no concern for the others' feelings, Spectra has now become friends with the Ghouls and stepped up to anti-hero status, becoming more caring and dedicated with posts.

Villainous Deeds

  • Starting rumors.
  • Posting about Gil and Lagoona's relationship.
  • Posting about Cleo's party on the Ghostly Gossip.
  • Posting that Clawdeen has were-fleas.
  • Even after becoming an anti-hero, Spectra seems to love chaos and mayhem, due to the story it brings.


  • Spectra was the protagonist of Haunted.
  • Spectra is the third of the main Ghouls to have initially been an antagonist. Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps were the first. However, as Ghoulia was only taking orders from Cleo, Spectra is arguably the second.