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Ace Speck and Dicky Speck were minor antagonists of the 2012 film Django Unchained.

Ace was portrayed by James Remar while Dicky was portrayed by James Russo.


Ace and Dicky Speck were two brothers and slavers who had often mistreated and whipped their slaves. During a journey through Texas one night as they plan to sell their slaves on the market, they encounter Dr. King Schultz who wishes to buy any one of their slaves who knew the Brittle brothers. This slave happens to be Django Freeman. As Schultz is questioning him, Ace seems to be offended by the fact that he is talking to him in a respectful manner. He then threatens to shoot Schultz unless he leaves. In response to this, Schultz shoots Ace dead and shoot's Dicky's horse, causing it to fall down and cripple Dickey. Schultz then buys Django, and allows him to steal Ace's horse and coat. Dickey orders him not to touch his brother's coat, to which Django responds by stepping on his horse and increasing the pain in his leg. Schultz then sets the other slaves free. Dickey begs for his life to the slaves, but to no avail, as they take their rifles and shoot him to death.


  • James Remar, who plays Ace Speck, also portrays Butch Pooch in the same film.


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