A wooden life-size puppet found floating in a reservoir where a town had once been. Specimen is active despite appearance and has proven very effective on subjects who disregard it or have visual impairments.
~ Specimen 6's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 6, also known as The Merchant is one of main antagonists in Spooky's House of Jump Scares. He is an animated puppet whom Spooky kept in her labyrinth as part of obstacles that the protagonist must face starting at Room 310.


Specimen 6 is depicted as an animated wooden, life-sized puppet. His eyes are pure white with no irises or pupils and usually bears a wide, toothy grin. Specimen 6 wears a simple brown tunic with a brown belt, blue-grey tights, and black shoes. He carries a long, thin, silver blade and has thin strings attached to his arms and back. Though his face initially bears a smile, he can suddenly switch to a frighteningly angry face at random intervals.


This entity cannot move nor attack the player unless they turn away from it (even if Specimen 6 is outside of direct line of sight, simply looking in its direction causes it to freeze in place). When the player is looking away, however, the puppet immediately starts chasing the player, bypassing walls and chasms easily and moving much faster than the player can run. A clicking wooden noise is heard when Specimen 6 starts moving, letting the player know they need to turn their gaze towards it again. Specimen 6 normally attacks from behind, but it can deal contact damage to the player if they walk into it as well, even if it's in their field of vision.

Staring at Specimen 6 for too long will cause it to vanish from view, relocating itself somewhere else. This is to prevent savvy players from waiting for their health to regenerate by keeping Specimen 6 locked into place.

He can be temporarily knocked down with the axe, becoming harmless for the duration of this room. However, in his "angry" state, he is immune to the axe.

When Specimen 6 kills the player, a screen is displayed which shows its hand, holding a needle, reaching down towards the player character's eye. It is followed by the screen going bloodred and displaying the following words:

"To become a puppet is to rid oneself of the pain and harshness of choice. Now nothing you do is your fault, now you belong to something... You belong to me..."


According to the lore, Specimen 6 was once a merchant who sold handmade puppets and trinkets. Children adored his shop, but his business became so successful, it began to disturb the economy and invoke the wrath and scorn of other local shopkeepers.

The shopkeepers and townspeople tossed his puppets into the river to express their hatred. At this, the merchant exclaimed that his children were drowning, and he dove into the river to save them. As a result, he drowned also. Even though they had not expected this outcome, the townspeople and shopkeepers were satisfied.

After his death, the children of the village began to disappear one by one, to be replaced by puppets in their own image. Many years later, GL Labs found Specimen 6 floating in a reservoir situated where the town once was - presumably, Specimen 6 wiped out the town entirely.





  • Specimen 6 appears in Room 310.
  • Specimen 6 is a reference to Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask and a well-known creepypasta based on it, Ben Drowned.
    • Its appearance and backstory invokes the Happy Mask Salesman, an NPC that some players found disturbing which plays a role in the creepypasta in question.
    • It also resembles the Elegy Statue, a creepy statue created by the Elegy of Emptiness song, which in the creepypasta represents the villain "Ben" himself.
    • The area where Specimen 6 is found is reminiscent of the Shadow Tempe from Majora's Mask.
    • The themes of Specimen 6 - OUO and The Merchant - are musically similar to the style of music in Majora's Mask.
  • Specimen 6 behaves in a way reminiscent of SCP-173 in the collection of creepypastas The SCP Foundation, and especially the game based on it, SCP Containment Breach, where SCP-173 is the primary threat.