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There was once a strange merchant. He made handmade puppets and trinkets. Children adored his shop, but his business became so successful, it began to disturb the economy and invoke the wrath and scorn of other local shopkeepers. The shopkeepers and townspeople tossed his puppets into the river to express their hatred. At this, the merchant exclaimed that his children were drowning, and he dove into the river to save them. As a result, he drowned also. While not what they had in mind, this satisfied the townspeople and shopkeepers. After his death, the children of the village began to disappear one by one, to be replaced by puppets in their own image. Specimen 6 was eventually found floating in a reservoir where a town once was.
~ Specimen 6's lore

Specimen 6, also known as The Merchant is one of main antagonists in Spooky's House of Jump Scares. He is an animated puppet whom Spooky kept in her labyrinth as part of obstacles that the protagonist must face starting at Room 310.


Specimen 6 is depicted as an animated wooden, life-sized puppet. His eyes are pure white with no irises or pupils and usually bears a wide, toothy grin. Specimen 6 wears a simple brown tunic with a brown belt, blue-grey tights, and black shoes. He carries a long, thin, silver blade and has thin strings attached to his arms and back. Though his face initially bears a smile, he can suddenly switch to a frighteningly angry face at random intervals.

As the lore stated that Specimen 6 used to be a human merchant, it's unclear what he was looked like when still human.


This entity cannot move nor attack  the player while within a direct line of sight. If one turned away, however, the entity would immediately chase the player and attacks from behind (which alarmed with a clicking wooden noise). It is not wise to stare at Specimen 6 for too long however, as he will disappear and attack.

For this reason, it is important that players must exercise caution whenever in a room with several doors without Specimen 6's appearing. He can walk through walls and can also get temporarily knocked down with the axe.


This entity's origin implied to be the restless soul of a success but unfortunate merchant whom popular among kids thanks to his business in making handmade puppets and trinkets in the village. Sadly, his success turned out threatened the economy in that village so much that other local shopkeeper angered with his presence. So they tossed his handmade puppets in anger, but in doing so, they also accidentally killed the merchant because the said merchant winded up jumped to the river out of mistaking the dolls as his children customer and died due to drowning. While the shopkeepers seemed satisfied, their action led the merchant returned as the restless spirit whom possessed a puppet would kidnapped the children and replace them with puppets that modeled after them. Much later, a large puppet, the Specimen 6, was found by Spooky in the same reservoir where the merchant died.




  • Specimen 6 appears in Room 310, is very similar to Zelda.

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