Special Operations Grunts, also known as Spec Ops Grunts, are Unggoy who have been given proper training, allowing them to acquire specialized roles and give excellent support to Special Operations teams. Generally tougher, smarter and certainly more aggressive than their lesser brethen, SpecOps Grunts are always deployed with SpecOps Elite team leaders and specialized equipment and sometimes are led by Ultra Grunts. If a SpecOps Grunt's leading Elite is killed, instead of panicking and fleeing away from the enemy, they will often seek revenge, finding cover and sending Plasma Grenades and plasma shots accurately at the person who killed the Elite. A number of SpecOps Grunts assisted SpecOps Elites led by Rtas Vadum and Thel 'Vadam in assaulting the a Heretics Gas Mine and successfully assassinated the Heretic leader, Sesa Refumee.