Spat (in Japanese: デビハムくん, Debihamu-kun/Devi-hamu-kun) is a character in the Hamtaro series. He was featured as the main antagonist of the game Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

Spat is a grey and white hamster. He has the typical bat-like devil wings which he uses to fly around. He also wears a cap with devil horns. He carries a pitchfork as well. His catchphrase is "pfpth", which serves as a giveaway to his identity. Spat's goal is to destroy the love between hamsters. He serves as an opponent to an angelic hamster named Harmony, who works to restore broken love.

Throughout the game Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Spat ruins the love between hamsters and causes all sorts of problems. He uses several disguises. He pretends to be Pashmina to sabotage her relationship with Penelope. He also disguises himself as a doll in a haunted house. He even uses a robot to stop Hamtaro and Bijou.

Spat has other tricks up his sleeve too to manipulate the other hamsters. He refuses to stop a roller coaster with hamsters still on it. He also pushes a hamster named Barrette on a board out to sea. At one point he even interrupts a wedding. However, he does occasionally show feelings, as he gives a captive hamster a TV to watch and a comfortable room.



Spat's Theme From Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak00:43

Spat's Theme From Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak

Hamtaro Spat Death03:11

Hamtaro Spat Death


  • Spat appeared in later episodes of the Hamtaro anime that were not released outside of Japan. His role functioned similarly to his videogame role. These episodes being:
    • "Rin Rin! Harmony!"
    • "It's Santa, Merry Christmas!"
    • "Devi! Big Panic!"