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Sparrowfeather was a villian in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.

Sparrowfeather is a Place of no Stars resident. She is pointed out by Hawkfrost to Ivypaw, his apprentice. When a training session begins Shredtail (A Place of no Stars trainer) jumps on a black and white rock with her and she is the first to attack him dealing with a heavy hit in the face which causes blood to come out. Near the end of the session she yanks Shredtail by his hind legs that he tries to cling on. Thistleclaw (Another Place of no Stars trainer) is angered by this and knocks her off her feet accusing her of cheating. He tells her to take Shredtail's place. Ivypaw realises that she had not seen Sparrowfeather since the training session.

In the Last Hope, when the Dark Forest cats invade, Sparrowfeather attacks Jayfeather.