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Although Sparky is usually portrayed as good-natured, he has shown a few villainous qualities over the ninth season. 

Villainous Moments

  1. In "Fairly OddPet", he digs up the whole town, causing chaos everywhere. 
  2. In the same episode, when the plane he and Timmy are riding on breaks, Sparky takes the left parachute, leaving Timmy to fall, despite the fact that Sparky himself has the ability to fly. 
  3. In "Finding Emo", he asks Timmy to help him bury a bone and a bag of evidence. He claims he doesn't want the FBI to find it before walking away slowly.
  4. In "Turner Back Time", Sparky is revealed to be a member of The Dog Uprising, an operation where dogs try and take over the humans. At the end of the episode, a few dogs are seen replacing a statue of the mayor with a statue of Sparky.
  5. In "Hero Hound", instead of using his powers to poof over to Timmy and get him out of the well, he takes a flight to China and digs a hole to the well. Timmy tells to use his powers to float him to the top but Sparky instead insists on going back to China through the hole and flying back to Dimmsdale on a plane.
  6. In "Man's Worst Friend", he gives Timmy's parents a giant bag of money to cheer them up from the lottery being cancelled. This intitally appears to be a heroic act but when Timmy asks where he got the money from, Sparky nervously tells to him to "go with I just found it", implying he stole it. 

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