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Sparks is a silvery robot at Sunnyside Daycare and one of the (former) quaternary antagonists in Toy Story 3. He is blunt and sarcastic and a henchman of Lotso.


Sparks was shown to greet Buzz and the other toys when they arrived at Sunnyside. After that he gambles with Lotso's gang's hideout and help trapping Buzz when he was spotted.

Lotso resets Buzz into demo mode and thinks Andy's toys are minions of Zurg. Sparks and Chunk try to imprison Jessie but she kicks them in the face. Andy's toys when they were trying to escape and was later patrolling the Daycare Center. He and Lotso gang learned about Lotso's past and what he is.

After Lotso's defeat, Sparks reforms and happily lives in Sunnyside under a new management.


Sparks can elevate his body to make him look taller and spits red light when he rolls. He also has claws, an energy cavity and red lights.

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