Sparklebrain Picture
Sparklebrain was the main villain in the Grojband episode "Ahead of our own Tone". She was Trina in the future after being exposed to a modern (yet defective) piece of technology and thus, causing her to go mad with power.


After Corey and his friends went into the future just to see what newer music was like, the town turned out to be music-free. It was all because of Future Trina, who became the new ruler of the town and made it possible. She had purple and pink hair and a dark dress. She had several Nick servants and Mina Beff remained her henchwoman. At one point, after Grojband sang, they were able to destroy her crazy earpiece, went back into the present, and prevented Trina from becoming mad with power.


Sparkle Brain is Trina with while wearing the in brain in plant. The in brain in plant hooks wires up to her brain connecting her to the internet. The in brain in plant also changes her physical appearance and it gives her dark purple hair with a link streak in it. She has green pixelated eyes and she wears a purple jumpsuit and long purple boots.