Sparacon (CGI)
is Spider Soldiers' chief and Spinlyn's minion/henchman in the Legends of Chima. Sparacon and the other spiders, and other Dark Tribes' soldiers were born the effect of CHI, and it was Crocodile Tribe's CHI which Laval was dropped the Gorge of Eternal Depth and when innocent creatures get the Power of CHI. When Scorpion Cave was collapsing part of the Dark Tribes received the killed, but other part of the Dark Tribes survived. Sparacon is probably one survived. Then other survived Dark Tribes frozen the by an Ice Hunters, when Flinx melted the other Dark Tribes and other captured Chima's residents the ice. Flix melted the ice-floor and Dark Tribes fall the down, the fallen Dark Tribes guys situation not known, but Spinlyn saved them.