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The SpannerZord is a MegaZord Gamma, with the properties of the Spannerloid, namely the giant wrenches it uses as hands.

It was carrying a MegaZord Delta within it's body, preventing Go-BusterOh from using the Dimension Crush attack. It can also fire bolts of energy from the wrenches.

During it's fight with Go-Buster Beet, it had clutched onto and damaged Beet's claw arm, and would had done more damage had not SJ-05 flew in to get the MegaZord off of Beet.

It was soon overwhelmed when Go-Buster Beet combined with SJ-05 to form Buster Hercules for the first time, and was soon shut down with a Hercules Crisis.


  • Height: 47.0 m
  • Weight: 2240 t

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