Spanky Ham

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Spanky Ham is one of the 8 main characters in the animated series Drawn Together. Spanky was the villain of the show in season 1.


Spanky is a horny, crude pig (literally) with few social skills. The premise for his character is that he has been directly downloaded from the Internet, and as such, he is a parody of the immature characters found in bad Internet Flash cartoons. He does not, however, parody any specific animated character. Spanky's personality was originally based on Puck from The Real World: San Francisco, though his personality changed midway through the first season to the point where the Puck parallel no longer applied (Spanky remained crude, but was no longer a jerk). His status as an Internet download comes directly into play in the episode "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", when he is infected with a computer virus (but which curiously enough is curable through regular medicine). In his "life" away from the show, Spanky is an animated barker who inhabits an Internet porn site, introducing the viewer to the various wares available. In the past, he served as a special education instructor for an unspecified length of time. He is also a recovering alcoholic; in "Dirty Pranking No. 2", he is revealed to have had a liver transplant, and in "Charlotte's Web of Lies", he mentions having been in rehab once. In "Spelling Applebee's" he reveals that he lost his left testicle to cancer. The episode "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree" reveals that he has a wife and son who live in a house in the suburbs (which would mean that his marriage to Xandir a few episodes earlier was bigamy and thus technically not legal). That same episode reveals that he was also a high school dropout.

He may have been molested as a child; when Wooldoor Sockbat sang Princess Clara's "Bully Song", with the lyrics "Bullies are people who hate themselves/Abused at age six, or molested at twelve", Spanky gasped and asked "Who told you?". In "Terms of Endearment", he lists the "playful advances" of one's shop teacher as an example of something that should not be forgotten; given his previous admission, it is possible Spanky is speaking from experience. Towards the end of Drawn Together Babies , Spanky is shown crying as his nose (mouth in the uncensored DVD) is fondled by Mr. Drawn Together when he is hiding underneath the trenchcoat, leading one to believe this may have been the first time.


  • Spanky Ham is the only character whose artwork has remained the same since the beginning of production on the show.
  • He was voiced by comedian Adam Carolla.