Space Mutants

Space Mutants is a long lasting horror movie series that usually plays in the Aztec Theater or in the Springfield Googolplex Theatres. The Space Mutants are the titular antagonists of the video-game, Bart versus The Space Mutants - which has gained infamy due to a series of popular reviews and parodies on varied internet sites, most notably the Angry Video Game Nerd. The Space Mutants themselves have never (to date) appeared in The Simpsons franchise outside the game, despite the game being inspired by the cult sci-fi movie They Live the aliens did not resemble the antagonists of any movie and were rather generic "space monsters". The basic plot revolved around the Space Mutants trying to create a weapon using obscure sources of "fuel" which Bart destroyed via progressing across varied levels (as the Nerd famously quoted the plot made very little sense, sadly a common theme in early video-games).


The plot of all of the films usually revolves around the Mutants (from outer space) invading the earth and feeding on people. The film is most likely rated R (Restricted) for gore and sexual content seeing as how most of the people killed in the films are having sex at the time.

Types of deaths

  • Couple in car - Eaten by Mutant
  • Couple in bed - Man eaten by mutant disguised as a woman.
  • Couple in Sun-set - a man and a woman get Eaten by mutant.
  • Couple in Wedding - a man as a groom get eaten by mutant

List of Movies

  • Space Mutants (On a poster in a flashback in the episode I Married Marge)
  • Revenge of The Space Mutants (in the Tracey Ullman short "Scary Movie")
  • Space Mutants 4: The Trilogy Continues (in the episode The Telltale Head)
  • Space Mutants 5 (in the episode Principal Charming)
  • Space Mutants 6 (in the episode Colonel Homer)
  • Space Mutants 7 (in the episode Bart's Friend Falls in Love)
  • Space Mutants 10 (in the comic Day of the Nerd)
  • Space Mutants 12 (On a poster at the Aztec Theater in the episode Beyond Blunderdome)

List of Video Games

  • Space Mutants: The Video Game
  • Space Mutants: Blood and Bones
  • Space Mutants: Online

Episode Appearances

  • Scary Movie
  • The Telltale Head
  • Principal Charming
  • Colonel Homer
  • Bart's Friend Falls in Love
  • Homer's Triple Bypass


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