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617px-Stranded - Shrieker

Space Monster

The Space Monster is the main villain in the Teen Titans episode, "Stranded". After the Teen Titans repaired the spaceship, the space monster used its sonic scream and shattered the spaceship. It attacked the Teen Titans, and Robin and Starfire wrapped a chain around the monster's mouth, preventing it from screaming again. The duo then tricked the monster into falling in a pink lava pit

However, the space monster survived and sonic screamed again, causing the spaceship to fall to pieces. The Teen Titans were forced to retreat from the spaceship before it exploded. The monster survived the explosion and landed into a planet where Robin and Starfire landed into. The space monster encountered Robin and Starfire again and fought them once again. Robin glued the monster's mouth shut to prevent it from sonic screaming, Then Robin and Starfire tricked the monster again into falling into a bottomless pit, never to be seen again.

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