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The Space Manbow

The Space Manbow is the titular villain from the shoot'em up Space Manbow. This sunfish-shaped spaceship is the defense system of the ruins of an ancient civilization found by human archaeologists at Alphard 4, a planet in the galaxy's frontier. Upon it's sudden activation, it immediately identifies the researches as enemies, attacking them and leading it's forces towards the solar system.

Cleaver, an alien archaeologist and member of the investigation team analyzes the ruins, discovering that only destroying directly the Space Manbow would stop it's forces from advancing, so by analyzing the blueprints found at Alphard 4 he builds the Manbow-J, a spacecraft similar to the Space Manbow, which would be able to go undetected through the Space Manbow's forces and face it directly.

Cleaver, being and ace pilot as well, pilots the Manbow-J himself, battling the enemy forces and finally facing the Space Manbow. Upon disabling the barrier protecting the Space Manbow, he invades the spaceship, destroying it's core from the inside, which makes the spaceship to explode.

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