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Sanborn and Chase SDC

Chase and Sanborn, agents of the S.D.C.

Space Development Center (often abbreviated to S.D.C.) is the main antagonistic faction of the French cartoon My Giant Friend. Regarded as heroes who save humans from alien attacks on Earth, they are responsible for making the aliens attack people and making them seem like the villains, while the S.D.C. assumes the credits as false heroes.

They are headed by Number 9, and are responsible for creating microchips that manipulate the minds of aliens becoming aggressive. His agents generally hunt the aliens to make them their slaves using laser guns and robotic soldiers. However the organization is always frustrated by the young boy Linus and his friends battling secretly to rescue the aliens.

The main agents of SDC are Chase, typical serious, aggressive and fatal; besides Sanborn, stupid partner Chase is in love with her and is the only organization to be the nephew of Number 9. The two often fight Linus and his friends, but are always defeated by them, and keep rivalry with Boom, the alien partner Linus.