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Space bikers

The Space Bikers

The Space Bikers are a group of alien bikers that at one point were staff members of a school on their home planet. They do like to party.

When Jenny moved into the shed, Jenny held multiple parties.The Space Bikers went to some of those parties.They have trashed Mezmers and Jenny's high school. Jenny normally beats them, but they have bet Jenny at least twice.

One of these times the Space Bikers wanted revenge against her.They captured her without much of a fight because Jenny had all her weapons removed so she could beat Brit and Tiff in a fashion war. Tuck rescued Jenny, Brad and Sheldon with a mech made from Jenny's weapons. The other time they beat Jenny and turn her into a motorcycle.Jenny wasn't able to transform back so, Jenny and Tuck went to the Space Bikers planet to make the Space Bikers fix her.The Space Bikers lost their school staff jobs in the process. The members of the Space Bikers include: Letta, Olga, Sludge, Tammy, and Lenny.