The Space Bat-Angel-Dragon is the main antagonist of Ted Hughes' short story "The Iron Man".

In The Iron Man

It was an extraterrestial being that invaded Australia and demanded that the inhabitants of the continent to give him food. The military attempted to kill he, but he came out unscathed. The Iron Man soon arrived in Australia and gave it a wager: If the Iron Man could withstand extremely hot petroleum, it would be a servant for him for eternity. However, if the Space Bat-Angel-Dragon could withstand the heat of the Sun without any injuries, it may consume the entire world. The alien agreed to this wager and went to the Sun in two rounds. However, he surrenders, and doesn't look as intimidating as he was when he arrived to Earth. It was then discovered that the alien was referred to as a Star Spirit a being who sang in the music of the spheres. His species's niche was to keep the Cosmos in balance. He left his star after he felt excitment by humanity's warfare. The Iron Man then appoints him to sing after the sunset for the rest of his days. Because of his singing, the Earth experienced a time of peace. He did not appear in the loosely animated adaptation of "The Iron Giant".