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Space Pirates

Space Pirates

are a common character type in science-fiction and, like the Pirate stock character, are often romanticized and anti-heroic; however, in more serious work, they are played straight and even in media, where they may be somewhat heroic, there tends to be some who are shown as more ruthless and perhaps even evil.

Depending on the level of science-fiction involved, the Space-Pirate may resemble a futuristic Pirate (such as those seen in semi-fantasy films such as Treasure Planet) or simply be an alien or human faction that engage in acts of piracy. Many Space-Pirates will target small trading vessels rather than try and engage war-ships, but some have no problem with engaging both.

Due to their nature, most Space-Pirates will ambush victims and flee after a successful assault, often with stolen goods and (if they are particularly war-hungry) slaves.



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