Soylent; feeding the world, one person at a time.
~ Soylent Corporation Slogan #1

The Soylent Corporation are an evil food processing corporation from the dystopic 1973 masterpiece known as Soylent Green and like many dystopic villains are a symbolism of sorts against the dangers of large companies, consumerism, overpopulation and a multitude of other political, social and ethical problems.


The Soylent Corporation is responsible for feeding most of the world's population following a post-apocalypse - they manufacted two main brands known as Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow, which are marketted as being made from high energy vegetable concentrates but begin to market a new brand known as Soylent Green which is marketted as being made from high-energy plankton, it is said to be better tasting and more nutritious than the red and yellow brands but is in short supply like all food in the post-apocalypse, leading to frequent riots.

However by the end of the story the awful truth about Soylent Green is revealed when the story's protagonist finds out the brand is really made out of dead human meat - in essence making the Soylent Corporation not only murderers but also twisted individuals that have been forcing humanity into the gruesome act of cannibalism: though they may well of believed it the only way to deal with the many problems caused during the post-apocalypse.


The future is now.
~ Soylent Corporation Slogan #2
Soylent Green is people! We've got to stop them somehow!
~ Detective Frank Thorn


  • The movie was actually based of a 1966 science-fiction novel called Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison.