Soviet Guard is a major villain from Champions Online online game who is the leader of Red Winter, created to be the Soviet Union's answer to America's Liberty Guard he is now a superhuman agent without a nation to work for - thus he and his team have decided to reject the fall of the Soviet Union and seek to cause mass destruction and mayhem so as to force the Soviet Union back to life, however Soviet Guard does have one change in store should he succeed in his plan.. namely himself as absolute leader of the new Soviet State.

Soviet Guard has always been a dangerous and psychotic villain, stuck in the Cold War and refusing to surrender to the modern age - yet he and Red Winter truly became something else during the Alert mission, Nuclear Winter, when they planned on outright exterminating the United States using nuclear weapons, the world was within minutes of being annihilated by the crazed "patriotism" of Soviet Guard and his group, who planned on rebuilding the world after its destruction.. showing just how dangerous Soviet Guard truly is.